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Welcome to our New Site!
We are an Australian and New Zealand based Elder Scrolls Online guild.
We are recruiting so please apply in the forum.

Our guild is a member of the Daggerfall Covenant.
It is open to any Breton, Orc or Redguard.

We are currently seeking alliance with other guilds...If you are visiting from another guild looking for an alliance, leave a message in the alliance forum.

Team speak 3 server online.

Members Password in Members section of forum
Foyer open to public.
Player Q&A from PAX East
The Elder Scrolls Online game play info. terminuszaire answering questions on his game play experience at PAX East. Goes for about 2 hours .....
Watch live video from terminuszaire on TwitchTV
Crafting vid, lots of good news for crafters
thren / Mar 03, 2013
When does testing start?

We held our first small friends-and-family test on February 28th. Invitations to the general public for the first round of beta events will be sent around the end of March. We’ll post notifications on our website and social media channels whenever we send a batch of invitations. When we do, check the e-mail address you used to register for the beta. If you’ve been selected, you’ll receive an invitation with instructions.